Curriculum Vitae

Jill Sharp Weeks' distinct aesthetic has been shaped in the eclectic mold of her experiences and by the objects that call out to her. A love for old butcher and mercantile shops developed on a month long antiquing trip with friends to England. While living in Japan, wabi sabi revealed to her the beauty of the imperfect. Her travels through Bali, Belgium, France, French West Indies, Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, and Thailand have all expanded her range of obsessions. Jill's affinity for white tribal beads and ethnic jewelry bloomed into an extensive personal collection, one she's carefully curated on private display and through photography. As with any artist, these obsessions become both a through-line and a driving force throughout her years of style and design work.

For early influences, Jill needed to look no further than her own family. Her great-great uncle was none other than William S. Robinson, named one of the most important American Impressionist painters. Her mother was a watercolorist, and her father was an accomplished photographer who allowed Jill hands-on access to color and black and white dark rooms from the time she was only 8 years old. Jill’s eye for the visual was always bound to be sharp. Everyday objects provide her creative spark. Utilitarian, humble materials hold a fascination in her work, particularly objects that betray a history of use, as well as natural and foraged materials.

Her collage-like sense of placement elevates each object and creates something new, as her long list of accolades can attest. Publications that have covered her work include Vogue, HG, Southern Living, Self, The LA Times, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, The Atlantan, Metropolitan Home and Better Homes & Gardens. Jill has been the subject of multiple features in House Beautiful, including one of the publication’s best-selling covers of all time, with a 16-page feature that went viral online. She’s been featured in more than 300 blogs, including noted design blog Remodelista, Design Sponge, Côte de Texas, and The Daily Beast’s “OMG I WANT THIS HOUSE!” blog feature. Jill’s work has also been featured in 3 design books, including Susanna Salk’s acclaimed How to Decorate and Decorating Fearlessly.

Jill became well known for her role as creative director of a large home furnishings catalog, but her restless brain, ever curious, has always driven her into side projects that take on lives of their own. In addition to creative direction for national ad campaigns and editorial styling (a particular passion given how influential magazines have always been to Jill) she has also worked extensively as a designer for residential interiors, as a contributing editor for Vogue Entertaining Australia, event design, and even graphic design. Jill’s image-concepting and graphics work have been used for highly covetable invitations and collateral for large fundraisers and press kits for nation-wide brands, as well as for a concept for a cookbook featuring the hottest chefs in the country, and branding materials for her own project STABLE. Jill enjoys producing a brand all the way from initial concept, to product design, and on through styling, branding and marketing. Jill has also worked collaboratively with esteemed architect Peter Block on 2 separate large architectural commissions over the past 5 years.

STABLE is one of Jill’s passion projects, born out of her desire to highlight and collaborate with other artisans she loves, as well as for a way to share some of her own personal collections of rare textiles, ethnic beads and rugs curated over 30 years. Jill collaborates with artists who share her aesthetic and leads in product development, collection design, branding materials, and styling. The name came to her as she imagined “a stable of artisans” who would help promote each others’ work and thrive.

Jill currently lives in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina with her husband Ray Weeks and scottish terrier Angus. They have fallen in love with Charleston, and while Ray spends his free time pursuing his interests in civic affairs and boating, Jill is diving into organic gardening, cooking, and committing to walking and biking instead of traveling by car. Together they are collaborating on a project to restore and redesign a former tavern from the 1790’s and are adding a large modern addition. They have just renovated a space that is now acting as her personal painting studio and creative lab, as she returns to her family roots to develop herself as a painter.